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Disability World: Barbie in a wheelchair

A Barbie doll in a wheelchair and another with a prosthetic leg will be available from June to help fight the stigma around physical disabilities.

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Disability World: Emojis

Emojis depicting disability will be available soon. The 13 new icons, from Apple are a starting point to better represent people with disabilities on the emoji keyboard.

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Kisharon School: ‘a jewel in the crown’

Kisharon School is ‘a jewel in the crown of the community’ and its free school status is driving up educational standards, Lord Polak (Conservative) said at a House of Lords debate this week on the contribution made by free schools in improving educational standards.

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Sensory room at Gatwick

Gatwick has become the first UK airport to open a sensory room where passengers with autism or special needs can feel at ease before their flight.

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Dental care at Tuffkid

Charlie the Dragon lent a helping hand when Mr Dentist, Jeremy Kaufman, taught children how to care for their teeth at Tuffkid Nursery.

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Disability World: Campaign for fair care

Charity Dimensions has found alarming discrepancies in how GPs treat patients with learning disabilities and the general population, and has launched #MyGPandMe, a campaign for change

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Bev’s message

In just over a week, Kisharon has taken part in the yellow candle Holocaust memorial project, and, on Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut, we remembered our fallen soldiers and celebrated 70 years of Israel’s independence.

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Bev says…

The story of Pesach is a celebration of Bnei Yisroel’s deliverance from the adversity and challenge of Mitzraim. It is a mixture of hope and strong belief that propels the Jews forward to eventually become a proud and free nation.

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Disability World: Raising a child with special needs

Raising children is fraught with challenges and even more so if that child has learning disabilities.

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Pirkei Avos
“The world stands on three things: Torah, the service of G-d, and deeds of kindness.” Kisharon looks at the person not the disability, teaching Torah, Middos and Mitzvot embracing and cherishing everybody’s special talent and bringing out the best in them.