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Time to spare? Lend us a hand

02 August 2021

Kisharon volunteers stepped up to the challenge and made light work of Kisharon’s Rosh Hashanah gift packs project.

More than 40 volunteers of all ages signed up to help at Childs Hill Library in Cricklewood.
“The level of support for this project has been amazing. We have over 40 volunteers registered so far. Our volunteers are wonderful,” said Volunteer Administration Assistant Mark Sillito.

Also impressed was Jonathan Rose, Kisharon Design and Print Manager, masterminding the huge labelling operation needed to personalise the Rosh Hashanah gift packs.

In one 2.5 hour session alone, six volunteers labelled 350 jars of honey. He said: “The camaraderie was lovely and the session flew by. We couldn’t hope to manage this bumper project, which seems to be more popular each year, without the support of our volunteers and the collaboration between ourselves and the volunteer department.”

Packing sessions are scheduled until 20 August. If you’re free to help, please register here:






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