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Social care crisis? No change

05 May 2022

The Health and Care Bill, regarded as the most significant health legislation in a decade, became law last week, but it won’t fix the social care crisis.

The new reforms will cap to £86,000 the amount anyone will need to spend on personal care in their lifetime. This will be funded by a National Insurance rise, with the proceeds also funding the NHS to help it recover from the pandemic and the backlog in care. 

Investment in social care will be next on the list, but campaigners say the sector cannot afford to wait, as it is in crisis now. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledged to fix the social care sector two years ago, and a YouGov poll released this week says four out of five people want him to fulfil this promise. 

Learning disability charities have pointed out that councils were forced to make swingeing cuts in their social care budgets during the pandemic. With an estimated one in five people relying on social care experiencing a learning disability, these individuals and their families were hit hard. 

Jackie O’Sullivan, of disability charity Mencap and the Care Support Alliance, representing 75 organisations, writing in The Independent, says: “When we get it right for people with learning disabilities it opens opportunities up for them, their families and wider society. Social care helps people with learning disabilities to learn vital life skills, gain confidence and take an active role in society.” 

Kisharon Chief Executive Richard Franklin said: “The £1.5bn of the £39bn raised through National Insurance hikes earmarked for charities like Kisharon won’t even cover expenses lost to inflationary costs. This is why our community’s generosity is absolutely vital in next week’s Kisharon matched fundraiser.” 

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