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Day Opportunities

Day Opportunities

At Day Opportunities, people we support are enabled to live the life they choose. Working together in a person-centred way, a plan is created that encompasses their needs and wishes.  This may include pursuing a hobby, or taking part in various activities. Individuals are always encouraged to develop their own skills and talents.

Whatever their interests – swimming, the gym, shopping, the library, the first step is always to engage with the community.

There are opportunities for people to give back to the community too, by volunteering or work experience which engages people in the world of employment.

A big chunk of fun is built into everyone’s programme. Everyone learns while having fun with friends. This will typically range from visits to the seaside or to major London attractions such as London Eye or Thames River boat cruises, the Zoo or the major museums across greater London.

Religious and cultural life is well catered for, and individuals are supported to daven and prepare for Shabbat. People can be supported to attend their own Shul if they choose to.

All our staff have qualifications in health and social care and are trained to meet the individual needs of the people we support.

We encourage applications from people of the Jewish faith with any form of learning disability. If you are interested in attending, please contact:
Asa Govrin – Social Worker
07398 309346