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Surprise in store for 4,000 families

02 August 2021

More than 4,000 families will be opening a Rosh Hashanah gift pack this year in Kisharon’s biggest social enterprise initiative to date.

Shuls, community groups, and the Armed Forces – which came on board for the first time last year – have snapped up Kisharon’s yomtov packs. Packing provides paid work for the people we support, many of whom spent months shielding during the pandemic.

The venture raises awareness of Kisharon’s work with people of all ages with learning disabilities as well as providing employment. The work is especially welcome as many of the people Kisharon supports lost their jobs when Covid hit businesses.

Teams of volunteers have also lent a helping hand.

Shuls or community groups get their gifts branded with the name of their organisation and a message. Many shuls are using them to welcome members back to their communities after the pandemic closed communal buildings.

This year, there are three gifts to choose from; a jar of honey with a wooden honey dipper wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with a ribbon; honey, a wooden dipper, a bottle of wine or grape juice, a card with the brachot for kiddush and apple and honey together with a pack of dried apple rings, while the top-of-the range box offers honey, wine, grape juice, a bracha card, an attractive glass honey pot with honey dipper, chocolate coated cranberries and caramelised honey peanuts.

Jonathan Rose, Kisharon Design and Print, said: “This is our biggest social enterprise initiative to date and it’s remarkable to see the positive impact the work has on the lives of people we support and how helpful these packs have become to organisations wishing to connect with their members.”












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