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Kisharon and Langdon unite to form Kisharon Langdon 

Kisharon and Langdon, two leading organisations dedicated to supporting individuals with learning disabilities and autism, have announced their merger after a rigorous two-year process.

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Trustee Leo Noé

Leo Noé has been a Kisharon Trustee since 1998, and his clarity of thought and approach, as well as his understanding of the cause and community, ensures he is an essential member of the Trustee Board.

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Trustee Daniel Klein

Seeing individuals achieve goals when the odds are stacked against them is particularly gratifying for Daniel Klein, who as a Trustee, is following in the footsteps of his father, Patrice.

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Trustee Richard Levy

Richard Levy was an audit partner working on the Kisharon accounts when he was asked to become a trustee.


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Trustee David Rasouly

After years in the city’s financial sector, the dedication of Kisharon staff proved an eye-opener for Trustee David Rasouly.

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Trustee Andrew Loftus

Andrew Loftus is the Trustee with a mammoth responsibility – delivering the new Kisharon School.

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Trustee Joanne Greenaway

Newest Kisharon Trustee, Joanne Greenaway, on the board for 18 months, says she is on a steep learning curve.

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Trustee Yitzy Lerner

A boyhood friendship with Yonatan Lev, who was supported by Kisharon until he passed away last year, brought Trustee Yitzy Lerner to Kisharon.

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Trustee Joe Coogan

When Joe Coogan left his role as Kisharon’s Director of Operations in October 2015, he was invited to stay on as a Trustee in order to still benefit from his expertise.

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Pirkei Avos
“The world stands on three things: Torah, the service of G-d, and deeds of kindness.” Kisharon looks at the person not the disability, teaching Torah, Middos and Mitzvot embracing and cherishing everybody’s special talent and bringing out the best in them.