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Simple pleasures top our lockdown wish list

01 May 2020

What are you looking forward to when normal life returns? A haircut, theatre trip, a meal in a restaurant?  We asked Kisharon staff and volunteers. Their answers may surprise you.

To see family and friends once again, especially those living overseas, topped the list of priorities for Kisharon staff and volunteers.

It was simple pleasures, like going to the hairdresser’s, a manicure, going to shul and Friday night dinners with friends that were missed the most.

Life’s luxuries like exotic holidays, shopping trips and meals out were nowhere to be seen among longed-for visits to the gym, pedicures and dips in the pool for a good, long swim.

Many staff wanted to see their colleagues and the people Kisharon supports once again, and one director dreamed of taking his team for a bevvy, or three, in the pub. Those on the frontline hankered after long – and very well-deserved – breaks.

Doing activities face-to-face hit the spot for one volunteer who was tiring of seeing those he supports online.

Clearly, life at home isn’t for everyone. One senior manager wanted to break free from cooking endlessly for her family.

Some pleasures we yearn for may not be easy to come by – even when restrictions are lifted. One director craved a walk along a beach, even though it would take her many hours to get there, while another wanted to watch Tottenham play UEFA Champions League football again but even he admits it could be long after the pandemic ends before that particular dream comes true.

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