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School addresses pupils’ worries

25 June 2020

Twelve pupils are back at Kisharon School, with reading, writing and art all targeted to address worries caused by recent events and the changes at school.

The twelve are divided into four bubbles, each with three children and two members of staff.  The pupils come to school for two days a week, ensuring that no bubbles mix and maximising space in the school for social distancing.

Given that children’s mental health may have suffered following almost three months without their normal routine, all reading, writing and art for those in school, and others still at home is based on the Virginia Ironside book, The Huge Bag of Worries.

It tells of a girl who carries around her ever-growing worries in a bag, as she feels she has no one to share them with. As the bag becomes too big for her to carry, she starts experiencing sleeplessness, tummy aches and other symptoms of anxiety.

At the end, she learns that once worries are shared, they either feel smaller or disappear completely.

Teacher Adina Collins, leading the project, says: “It has some lovely illustrations that our children really enjoyed. Each week the children have been exploring different aspects – what makes them feel worried, how they feel when they are worried or what someone else might feel like, and who they can share their worries with.

“We hope that the children feel they have time and space to talk through their worries about the new way that school is running and the coronavirus lockdown.”

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