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More freedom for learning disability – and other changes

01 May 2020

People with complex needs can now exercise outdoors more than once a day during the coronavirus pandemic, travelling beyond their local area and supported by a non-related carer.

Other new rules may turn out to be less joyful. One is that care staff can now be redeployed if local authorities consider that others’ needs are more urgent. This new rule was introduced if care staff numbers fall due to sickness, self-isolation or personal care commitments.

Further guidance has come over school attendance for pupils with Educational, Health and Care Plans, (ECHP). Duty now falls on school or college staff to decide whether a child’s needs can only be met in an education setting. But if this is the case, parents and carers have no obligation to send the child to school if they believe that educating at home will be in the child’s best interests.

Following on from this comes the new requirement that local authorities are only required – rather than obliged – to do what they can to meet a child’s ECHP.

In another change, the Care Quality Commission, (CQC), has joint responsibility for the coronavirus testing of social care staff, so those self isolating can return to work if their test result is negative.

The CQC has new responsibilities for recruiting and training new social care staff. The government hopes to attract 20,000 paid newcomers into social care who have been furloughed from previous employment. DBS checks will be required but temporary arrangements are in place for a fast service. Free training resources and workbooks will be made available.

See more information about the changes now impacting those with learning disabilities here.

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