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Mazel tov to Her Majesty

09 June 2022

Kisharon’s Jubilee street party was fixed for a pre-lunchtime hour and a half, but with the best food, music and company, celebrations went on all afternoon.

Kisharon people, staff and neighbours in Montpelier Rise, Golders Green, mixed and mingled. “Many neighbours joined in and that was encouraging,” said Rachel Ucko, Kisharon’s Community Inclusion Coordinator.

The cul-de-sac was closed off to traffic and trestle tables in the road were piled high with traditional English fare including scones, vegetarian sausage rolls and Victoria sponge cake. Music played through loudspeakers included Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance and God Save The Queen.

The party was a highlight of Kisharon’s Jubilee celebrations which included a Tuffkid Nursery tea, when children ate cucumber sandwiches – reputed to be the Queen’s favourite – and drank lemon water.

The children created a card for the Queen using their handprints, which was sent to Buckingham Palace. Kisharon’s adult opportunities, where another party took place, also wished the Queen a hearty mazel tov in a wall poster made of individual sparkling hand-made crowns.



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