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Lesson for life – thanks to a Kisharon trustee

09 June 2022

Kisharon Trustee and Hatzola volunteer, Yitzy Lerner, stepped in after Pini, a student at Kisharon College, said he wanted to work with the emergency medical service.

Invited by Aviva Braunold, College Manager, Yitzy arrived with his bag of medical kit. “He talked about what constitutes a medical emergency – when you should call Hatzola and when you shouldn’t and how to get in touch with them. He explained that callers needed to give their address, contact details and say what exactly the problem is,” Aviva explained.

Wearing his Hatzola yellow jacket and showing students his helmet and radio, Yitzy was called to an emergency while at the College, which he managed to pass to a colleague, but that isn’t always possible.

“Mostly as a Hatzola volunteer, I have to drop everything to help, even on Shabbos or yomtov,” he told students.

“It was good to see the young men engaged in learning,” he added.

Yitzy showed students how to take a temperature and check blood pressure. He handed out pens bearing the Hatzola phone number so students would know how to contact the organisation in an emergency.

Aviva said: “What was really touching was that students not only thanked Yitzy for the session at the College, but also for all the work he does for the community. We’re very grateful to Yitzy for this hugely educational session.”




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