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How you can support our planning application

03 November 2016

Kisharon School has submitted a planning application to Barnet Council to build our new school at Montfort House – the original name of the Parson Street head office site. Barnet Council officers will review the planning application and councillors will make the final decision early in the new year.

We need you to help us by expressing your support for the proposal to Barnet Council. Councils are obliged to take any letters they receive about an application into consideration when they make a planning decision.

It will make a big difference to the councillors and to Barnet Council officers if the community expresses support for the new school.  If you do support what we are doing please take the time to send an email, or write a letter. Please ask friends and family to write in too.

An individual email or a letter mean more than a petition. Support from residents of Barnet is particularly important and it would be useful to identify yourself as a Barnet resident in any correspondence. However people living elsewhere do have value in this process so please still make an effort if you want to express support.

To help us you will need to give your name and address to the council and this will be displayed in public.  Anonymous comments with no address will be discarded. Any views expressing support can be as detailed or as general as you like. But simply saying you have looked at this proposal, there is a great need, that you cannot see any harm being caused and you fully support what is being proposed is all that is required.

Using your own words, rather than any pro form,a is also far preferable. If you look at point 3 below it explains how copies of the drawings can be seen, and we can also send you more information on request.

There are three main ways to make a difference:
1. Write a letter – Write to Mr. G. Robinson at the Planning Department, London Borough of Barnet, Barnet House, 1255 High Road, Whetstone, London N20 0EJ. Make sure you quote the two reference numbers and address of the proposed school in the letter. This is: Kisharon School Planning Application 16/6366/FUL & 16/6367/LBC –  Montfort House, 54 Parson Street, London, NW4 1TP

2. Send an email – Send an email to: which states: ‘For the attention of Mr. G Robinson’ and again make sure you use the reference numbers and address as above.

3.  Use the Council’s online system – Put into Google or another search engine the phrase ‘Barnet planning application search’ or simply use this link: Then simply use the number 16/6366/FUL in the ‘Simple Search’ box and this will link you though to the application. You will be able to see all the plans and documents that have accompanied the application. Find the box marked ‘Make a Comment’, click through and you can then use the online system to express your view. Once you are through to the ‘Make a Comment’ page it is very simple to add any views and text you wish. If you have any difficulty or issues please get in touch at:



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