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Firm friends: Sabrina and Eleanor

19 June 2020

It’s only been eight weeks since they met but in that time friendship has blossomed between Sabrina, a young woman supported by Kisharon and Bushey mum-of-three Eleanor Marco.

“It has been a lovely distraction in this difficult time to talk about anything other than what is going on. Sabrina seems to have come out of her shell. At the start she was quiet but now has become more confident and has a lovely sense of humour,” Eleanor said.

The pair, who speak by telephone or using Facetime two or three times a week, talk about food, shopping and family. Sabrina asks about Eleanor’s three daughters, who are 15, 21 and 23, and enjoys watching their dog, Alfie, do tricks.

A highlight of their relationship came this week when the two met up for the first time. “We saw each other in the garden of Sabrina’s flat in Golders Green. We kept two metres away so it was safe and a support worker brought cards and we played Snap.

“Talking to Sabrina lifts my spirits. She is a very sweet girl and I feel privileged to have met her.”

Sabrina’s support worker said she looked forward to Eleanor’s calls and was very excited to meet her face to face.

Eleanor, a locum optician, who volunteered at Kisharon School, was unable to carry on helping out there after the lockdown.

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