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25 May 2015

Removal vans will be pulling up outside Leeside Crescent from the end of next month (July), when the first tenants move in to brand new apartments.

The seven new homes have well-equipped kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and communal areas but – to date – lack mezuzahs. Kisharon is giving readers  of K-News  the opportunity to donate mezuzahs for the entire building. Thirty-nine are needed. Supported Living Development Manager Hadassa Kessler said: “It is wonderful to donate an item of spiritual significance. Donations to cover the cost for one apartment – or just one door –will be very welcome.”


Each mezuzah will cost £35 for the parchment and £5 for a simple cover. For more information, call fundraising on 020 3393 0177  or email

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