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Disability World: Russia cracks parking abuse

15 October 2015

Parking in disabled bays without a valid blue badge is illegal and Barnet Council officers issue tickets to offenders.

But abuse of disabled bays could be stamped out for good if a Russian solution comes to the UK.

In Moscow’s shopping malls and business centres, drivers wrongfully taking a disabled parking space get a personal scolding from a person in a wheelchair.

A life-sized hologram of a man appears just inches from the bonnet and tells the driver to find another parking space.

This powerful campaign comes from Dislife, a non-profit organisation in Russia where more than 30 per cent of able-bodied drivers routinely park in disabled parking spaces.

In Barnet, a council spokesperson explained:

“It is illegal to park in a disabled bay without a valid blue badge. Our officers routinely issue tickets if anyone is found to be illegally parking in a disabled bay.

“Our fraud team actively investigates the improper use of blue disabled badges and carries out regular operations throughout the borough.”

Want to watch the Moscow campaign? Go to:

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