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Building work complete at the new Kisharon School

03 April 2020

Building work at the new Kisharon School is now finished – bar the final snagging. Next, furniture and equipment will be arriving.

The building was completed within budget and the next phase is installing specialist equipment for the therapy rooms and IT facilities. The work, lasting 3-4 weeks, was scheduled to start later this month but with the coronavirus emergency, timings are uncertain.


New school: From left: hydrotherapy pool, ground floor classroom, food technology room, staff room, first floor outdoor learning area, the library and outdoor play area

Most of the furniture and classroom equipment has been ordered but delivery delays are likely. Mid May was to have been the start date for staff training but this will depend on equipment arrival dates.

A project manager has been appointed to coordinate the work still to do ready for the first year’s intake. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Kisharon is well placed to move forward as circumstances allow. There is financial certainty on this project, which is of enormous comfort at this time.

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