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Boxes of joy are here to stay

19 July 2021

Kisharon simcha packs delighted guests who couldn’t join celebrations because of Covid, but even now restrictions have lifted, the trend for sending personalised gifts is set to continue.

Simcha hosts worked with Jonathan Rose, Kisharon Design and Print Manager, to capture the atmosphere of the party guests should have attended.

Wedding boxes could be packed with whisky and chocolate while young guests who missed out on their friends’ bar/batmitzvah party were delighted to open boxes of chocolate coins, sweets and biscuits.

Havdalah kits made popular gifts as did Shabbat sets filled with candles, matches, grape juice and wine. One host even added freshly-baked challah and hand-stitched commemorative challah covers she had made for the occasion.

All the gifts were Kisharon-branded – an advert for future customers – and some provided work for people we support.

But although Covid restrictions lift today, it’s certainly not the end of the road for simcha boxes. Jonathan said:

“My feeling is that the return to normal isn’t going to happen overnight. Simcha packs ensure that those having to isolate or unable to travel can still feel included. I can definitely see the simcha box trend continuing for the foreseeable future.”

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