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Making learning fun at Tuffkid

30 March 2017

A broad range of activities brought Pesach and the seder to life for children at Tuffkid Nursery. The children took turns dipping parsley into salt water reminding them of the tears of the Jewish people. Some enjoyed eating it, while others just licked off the salty water!

The children used the leftover parsley leaves as paintbrushes and made parsley paintings, and sprinkled salt (silver glitter) over the top.

There were tadpoles to look at, and the children were fascinated watching them dart around the water.

Staff introduced the children to positional language, explaining how one of the three matzos used at the seder table was at the top, another in the middle with the third at the bottom.

Leaning to the left was another new concept.

Tuffkid Nursery Head Janice Marriott said: “This is quite a difficult skill to learn. The children had to remember which direction to lean in and to try not to lean too far!”

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