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Disability world: High hopes for jobs

27 April 2017

Businesses have begun to actively recruit employees with autism for their diligence, powers of concentration and attention to detail.

The good news has come in recent press articles, which report that employers are realising the potential of individuals with the condition.


Above: A section of a National Autistic Society graphic representing daily life with autism


Eager employers have even sought advice from the National Autistic Society, according to an article on the BBC website, entitled: ‘Are autistic individuals the best workers around?’

Employees with autism are being sought for jobs that require the ability to concentrate on long, repetitive tasks or to retain large amounts of information.

Human resources consultants Towers Watson, management consultancy Oliver Wyman and software company SAP are re-thinking their interviewing processes to prevent some candidates with autism falling at the first hurdle. Employers taking on someone with autism are advised to treat each person individually, just as they would a mainstream applicant.

Those who are successful report their new jobs are life changing. Inclusive employment website Incluzy agrees that of the 700,000 people living with autism in the UK alone many do have exceptional talents. However, there still remains a stigma attached to bringing autism into the workplace and only 15 per cent of individuals with autism are currently in full-time employment.
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