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Vocational skills course instils confidence and achievement

13 September 2017

Finding work is essential for people with learning disabilities. Kisharon has launched a vocational skills course to instil confidence and a sense of achievement, giving young adults the right tools for the workplace.

The content focuses on practical experience, with students learning key skills like health and safety, effective communication and the responsibilities of an employee.

A group of young adults are currently enrolled on the year-long course which is based at the Childs Hill Partnership Library, with one day a week brushing up on literacy and numeracy at the Brenner Centre in Stamford Hill.

The course includes a broad range of skills-based learning and work experience. Students will find themselves shelving books in alphabetical order at the library, having lessons in horticulture in the library garden, using a computer to create reading matter in easy read and learning about customer service with Equal Treats, Kisharon’s packaging business.

One day a week will be dedicated to health and wellbeing and students will learn about the benefits of exercise, rest, healthy eating, hygiene and postive mental health.

The importance of exercise will be reinforced with a daily walk which will also provide an opportunity to improve road safety, observational skills and perception of hazards.

Day Services Manager Aviva Braunold said: “Every element of this new venture is tailored to giving students the confidence and knowledge to find work. Help will be on hand to prepare for interviews, write cvs, develop people skills and much more.”

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