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Vaccination and testing – our top priority

18 January 2021

Team Leader Ade Adeagbo was Kisharon’s first member of staff to have a Covid vaccination. “I feel OK. There were no problems,” he said after the jab at Barnet Hospital. His second dose is scheduled for 18 March.

Since then, people we support and many more staff have been vaccinated. These include 94 members of staff and those they care for in supported living alone. Thirty four individuals have been vaccinated in adult day opportunities with others in frontline roles at head office, social enterprises and at Kisharon’s Vocational College.

Kisharon’s frontline staff fall in the second of the government’s high priority groups for the vaccine, alongside those aged 80 and over.

Erica Marks, in quality assurance at head office said: “Today, thanks to Kisharon, I had my first Covid vaccination. I feel very grateful, as I now have more protection for me, the people I support, my colleagues and my family.”

As the vaccination programme rolls out, Covid testing has been stepped up across Kisharon adding another layer of protection to the social distancing and other measures already in place.

Starting from this week, Tuffkid Nursery staff will have two Covid tests a week at testing sites across Barnet. The results will be known within 45 minutes.

The nursery is open as usual, with most children attending. Tuffkid Nursery Head Janice Marriott said: “We are one bubble so if anyone in any of the families gets ill we all stop. We take one day at a time and every day is a victory.”

Peter Bell, above left, was the first teacher to be tested at a unit set up at Kisharon Noé School. All staff will be tested weekly.

Children of secondary age whose parents have given consent were checked this week too. The children administer the tests themselves, with support from staff.

Interim Headteacher Sharon Mullish said: “I want to thank my team of testers who have supported me to set this up. They are running it efficiently and professionally, ensuring that social distancing is maintained at all times.”

The same testing system, with rapid results, is in place at Kisharon’s Vocational College, where Manager Aviva Braunold said: “We will be having weekly tests for staff and twice weekly for the students who are onsite at college. College staff have been trained to carry out the tests.”

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