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Take on a 40-minute mitzvah

13 February 2020

Can you take on a 40-minute mitzvah? Forty minutes is all it takes for a young visitor to create a vibrant Shabbat atmosphere at Kisharon supported living homes.

“Jewish culture plays and important part in the lives of many of our people and a visit on Shabbat or yom tov is always eagerly anticipated. Young people bring energy, vibrancy and vitality as well as forming lasting friendships, and a visit can just take 40 minutes,” said Volunteer Co-ordinator Francine Haagman.

“We’re looking for 16-25 year olds to pop in with their friends, and because everyone loves meeting new people and having new experiences, their visits will be hugely appreciated. We’d like them to visit once a week or even just once a month.

“With long Shabbat afternoons and yom tovim coming up, seeing new faces can cheer their day.”

Interested? Contact Francine at

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