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Social enterprise shines a light at Chanukah

14 December 2020

In Kisharon’s biggest social enterprise project to date, 1,900 gift sets including an astonishing 85,000 Chanukah candles, have been delivered to 16 shuls across London.

Srulik and Nissim, students at Kisharon College, did the packing in Covid-secure bubbles and with their support workers.

Shuls, and grateful members who received the gifts, have been delighted. One recipient, Rabbi Jeremy Gordon of New London Synagogue, said: “Those packages have been distributed and we’ve had such warm and appreciative responses. And I do hope people will now learn more about Kisharon.”

Another recipient wrote: “I should like you to pass on my thanks to Srulik for packing the Chanukah gifts sent to me via my shul (Northwood United) and for writing his name so well.” And from Hampstead Gardens Synagogue, “Thank you to Srulik and Nissim for all your hard work.”


Most sets were for children and included chanukiahs with paints, candles, a laminated chanukah blessings card, chocolate coins, dreidels and Jelly Belly counters.

Packed inside too were messages from Srulik or Nissim asking recipients to upload an image of their painted chanukiahs on social media, so they can see them.

The shuls from Kingston Upon Thames to Hadley Wood – United Synagogues, Masorti and independents –  ordered the gift sets and Kisharon Design & Print and Kisharon College rose to the challenge.

Jonathan Rose, Design and Print Manager, designed and produced labels for all the sets.

Aviva Braunold, College Manager, said: “From my perspective it has been absolutely wonderful to see the students so engaged in this meaningful task, watch them follow the sequenced instructions and complete these large orders with a sense of achievement when they were finished.”

Sara Gatoff, Buying Consultant, said: “This was huge joint operation between the college and Kisharon Design and Print, both of whom deserve a huge amount of credit for making this happen not only within a pandemic, but with lockdown too.”

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