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Shana Tova – and refuah shlema

31 August 2021

Patients in hospital over Rosh Hashanah can make kiddush and enjoy apple dipped in honey.

The kiddush boxes, which have been paid for by an anonymous donor, will be presented to patients with a hearty L’Shana Tova meal from Bedside Kosher.

Each box has been packed by people with learning disabilities and volunteers in Kisharon’s social enterprises project which offers training and employment opportunities.

Barnet General Hospital, the Royal Free and other hospitals in north London will have 220 kiddush boxes to distribute to Jewish patients. Packed in a protective box with a brightly-coloured sleeve, patients might even choose to take home the gift to share with their families.

Chief Executive Richard Franklin said: “Increasingly Kisharon is moving into the space of cross-communal initiatives, and I am so pleased we can work alongside Bedside Kosher to mutually improve outcomes for people both charities will support. Collaboration for the greater good is core both to our social enterprises and to what we stand for at this important time of year.”

Anthony Shaw, Chief Executive of Bedside Kosher said: “We genuinely believe food is medicine and that maintaining good nutritional status during hospital is vital.

“During Rosh Hashanah, patients in hospital won’t get the chance to celebrate, and, due to Covid restrictions, they currently don’t have access to friends, family, or their local synagogue.

“This year we are thrilled to once again be able to offer a special L’Shana Tova meal, and thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor and the amazing work of Kisharon, we are also able to provide these gifts for patients.”







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