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Sensory room at Gatwick

17 January 2019

Gatwick has become the first UK airport to open a sensory room where passengers with autism or special needs can feel at ease before their flight.

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The calming space in the North Terminal is free to use for adults or children with disabilities and carers who will need to book a 45-minute session at the special assistance desk after they have gone through security. The desk is in a new lounge area designated for passengers who need special assistance.

Individual controls take the sensory room from a calm and relaxed environment to a stimulating and interactive space with a range of coloured light activities to occupy and entertain passengers.

Gatwick Airport has an autism ambassador, Maria Cook, who said: “For someone with autism or a learning difficulty, their carers and accompanying family, having somewhere like this to explore and reduce anxieties before boarding a flight is so important. It could very well make the difference between someone actually getting on the plane or not at all because it has become too stressful.”

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