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See Kisharon in action

11 October 2018

Photos of Kisharon volunteers in action will be exhibited at a new JVN photographic exhibition at the artsdepot in Finchley.

website volunteering photos

The Faces of Volunteering Exhibition opens at the JVN Heartbeat of the Community Awards on October 31.

Photos of Kisharon volunteers are in the exhibition as well as pictures of people supported by Kisharon who volunteered in the run up to the Etgar Challenge event for primary schoolchildren this summer.

Jo Bean, of the JVN, said: “We asked our member charities to send us photos of their volunteers to get a visual understanding of volunteering in action. The showcase reveals the different people that make up the voluntary workforce and the diverse range of causes they support.”

The exhibition will run at the artsdepot for a week and will then go on tour.

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