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Remembering YY with affection

12 April 2021

Yechiel Yosef Rothschild, known as YY, is remembered with affection across Kisharon.

He moved into a supported living flat close to his family home in Stamford Hill in early 2019 and when he passed away last March, was thought to be the youngest Covid victim in the Jewish community.

Outgoing and full of fun, he was also a student at Kisharon’s Further Education College.

Hadassa Kessler, Director of Operations and Development, said YY ‘had left a strong impression on everyone he met. His presence was overwhelming with warmth and consideration for others and his great sense of humour meant that we often spent our time together laughing. I will always remember his kind smile.’

“YY was charming, caring and friendly, and always wanted to know how you were doing. Most of all, he dreamed of marriage and told me his support workers would have to move out so his wife could move in! YY wanted to take responsibility for his own care and was keen always to be part of the decision-making process.  It’s so very sad this is all a memory. We will never forget him,” added Team Leader Ola Fasanya.

Lee Zucker, Human Resources Manager, said:  “It is hard to believe that YY has been gone for over a year now. We appreciate how incredibly difficult this period was and still is for everyone who worked closely with him. My thoughts are with YY’s family and with everyone who gave so much to help him live his life to the full.”

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