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18 January 2024

Individuals supported by Kisharon Langdon are reaping the rewards of the merger – a wider range of services for all.

It’s still early days and already so much good has been achieved. But these services come at a cost.

Since August, Kisharon Langdon has been responsible for 150 adults in supported living, 300 plus children in educational settings, as well as many more in adult learning, employment and as participants of the social programme.  It will cost Kisharon Langdon £15m to run these services this year, and we will be asking the community to contribute £4m.

Due to the unprecedented situation in Israel, Kisharon Langdon’s directors took the difficult decision to cancel a fundraising dinner which had been scheduled for the start of this year.

Carolyn Rozenberg and Jessica Levy, Co-Directors of Fundraising, explained: “As a result, we are in truth struggling to keep up with the cost of the increased demands for our services, as well as ongoing inflationary costs.”

Generous donors have agreed to match fund monies raised by champions in our 36-hour campaign, with its £2m target. Could you be one of these champions?

Here’s what it takes:

  • It doesn’t cost anything to become a champion. We ask you to promote the campaign to friends, family and business connections, and every ask you make will be crucial to the campaign’s success.
  • Throughout, we will send a variety of images, messages and videos to be sent to those on your network.
  • Next, watch donations come in, remembering that every single one will be doubled while the campaign is live.

Can you help us with this? Please email:  We appreciate your invaluable support. Bring it on!


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