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Rachel is artist of the month at Equal

17 August 2017

Bright colours are on show at Equal, Kisharon’s gift shop in Temple Fortune, where Rebecca Frankel-Rudowski is artist of the month in August.

Rebecca fills her canvases with colour and light and replicates the brilliant colours she sees in natural surroundings.

“I find colour very uplifting,” says Rebecca, of Hampstead Garden Suburb, who trained as a lawyer and works part-time in fundraising at the Institute for Jewish Policy Research.

Long walks on Hampstead Heath often provide inspiration for Rebecca and many of the works on display reflect her appreciation of the natural world.

Judaism is another influence on Rebecca’s work. “The rich traditions, the stories, and the legends inspire my paintings,” she said.

Art cards, original monotype prints and paintings, many created following walks on the Heath, will be on show at Equal. Buying an art card will cost £5, with a range of prices for prints and original oil paintings from £50, starting at £180 for smaller paintings to more than £1,000 for larger canvases.

Rebecca, who donated to Kisharon a percentage of profits from her debut art exhibition in Hampstead last year, said: “I am pleased to have the chance to show my work at Equal. I often walk past the shop and it is a lovely idea.”

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