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Purim – it’s coming soon

21 February 2024

Purim started weeks ago at Kisharon Langdon where people we support have been shopping, weighing and packing and learning other key job skills.

Thanks to their hard graft, Kisharon Langdon will be selling Purim breakfast mishloach manot containing boxes of cereal, a tea sachet, mini jam, cupcake and orange juice all beautifully wrapped. This is priced at £5 and is set to sell out fast. For children there will be bags of sweets for £2 and bake your own hamantaschen kits complete with measured flour and sugar, pots of jam, orange juice and a wipe clean recipe card for £6. Those wanting to create their own mishloach manot while still supporting Kisharon Langdon can pick from bags of chocolate covered pretzels, mini fruit sweets, chocolate covered cranberries and caramelised pecans.

Aviva Braunold, Learning and Development Lead, said: “As well as the measuring and packing, people have been using a spreadsheet to record customer details and create invoices, keeping to a budget while purchasing items, checking ingredient labels and labelling and packaging goods.”

This year, misholach manot can also be sent by post and this too will create learning opportunities – packing, calculating and paying for postage. Supplies will be available from the Equal shop, or order online at




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