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Purim – how we make it happen

22 February 2023

The run-up to Purim at Kisharon can be just as hectic as the day itself and staff start preparations early so everyone can enjoy the noisiest, most boisterous – but arguably the most fun – festival in the Jewish calendar. 


Above: Service and Registered Manager Afolake Fakeye with Srulik and Chaim David on parade last Purim

Teach-ins explain Purim traditions to non-Jewish staff and jog memories for anyone needing a reminder why everyone drinks too much, eats pastries in the shape of the villain’s hat (hamantaschen) and wears fancy dress. 

Tuffkid Nursery staff teach children to be quiet during readings of the Purim Megillah by playing listening games. But when it’s time to make noise on Purim, each child has their own grogger, made at the nursery. 

The children swap mishloach manot – handmade hamantaschen, a tangerine and pretzels – on plates they decorate with Purim symbols, and draw lots to select their mishloach manot giving partner. 

There’s a puppet show telling the Purim story and the children are taught about the mitzvah of giving to the needy. 

Deana makes hamantaschen

Tuffkid Nursery and Kisharon Noé School close on Purim, giving pupils the opportunity to enjoy the festival in their own home community, then come to school in costume the day after for a fancy dress parade.

At school, the children celebrated Rosh Chodesh Adar, the arrival of the happy month, with a musical Hallel and a magic show. The ‘happy month’ carries on in various class activities and decorations that go up around the classrooms and corridors. 

Kisharon adults too bake their own hamantaschen, assemble mishloach manot and prepare fancy dress costumes. On the day, there’s no shortage of Purim parties to attend. 

A full programme has been lined up for staff and Kisharon adults in supported living or on the Good Days programme.

Starting off with a Megillah reading at 9.45am, there’s the opportunity to give mishloach manot – everyone swaps with one other person – and to make charitable donations. 

A Purim party follows and afterwards those who would like to, and with their support workers, can enjoy the joyous atmosphere of Purim on the streets. Many people also shake Kisharon buckets, collecting donations along the way. 

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