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Pesach starts here…

14 April 2016

Crunch! Elya Getter and Gershon Stern (right) take a big bite from a sheet of matza at the mock Seder at Kisharon School.

The children learned all about Pesach with plenty of fun and laughter for good measure.


mock seder photograph 1 mock seder photograph 2  elija cup

Pesach events were in full swing around Kisharon this week with Shifra Yunger and Maayan Fedder, two girls on the Sherut Leumi programme*, creating wine cups for Eliyahu Hanavi with Rebecca Lassman and Talya Jacobson at Eagle Lodge.

Talya said: “I can’t wait to take mine home and use it during the Seder.”

At Adult Day Services in Stamford Hill, Pesach wall displays are nearly ready and the men and women are making booklets for the festival.

*Shifra and Maayan, with Sivan Sagiv and Noa Goldreich are working at Kisharon School for a year as an alternative to Israeli national service.

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