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Pesach gifts to delight

30 March 2017

Give your seder table the ‘wow’ factor at Equal, Kisharon’s gift shop in Temple Fortune.

Feel your seder table will look a little dated this year? The Equal shop in Temple Fortune has a range of sparkling Pesach wares to give your table a sumptuous treat.

Take a look at the range of matza plates, wine coolers, silver jugs, Wonki Ware seder plates and much more. If you are out for seder or a yomtov or Shabbat meal, buy a gift that will be treasured. There are glass matza plates £15, or gleaming silver, £54 small, £64 large, silver jugs £50 and wine coolers, £64. Wonki Ware seder plates start from £70. You can also buy kosher for Pesach fruit, chocolates and nuts packed in presentation dishes. Equal is at 818 Finchley Road, Temple Fortune. Call Equal on: 0208 457 5000.

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