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Party with Moishe’s team

15 February 2019

When Moishe Goldblatt asked to celebrate his 40th birthday at the UJIA where he volunteers, staff were only too happy to oblige.

“Moishe brings something extra to the office, and we’re all very fond of him,” said Ros Chazen, Canvassing and Major Gifts Administrator, who helped organise a pizza, sushi and chips birthday lunch for 40 people – most of the UJIA staff and several from the Board of Deputies whose office is in the same building and for whom Moishe works from time to time.

“The big turnout showed everyone wanted to celebrate with him. He had some presents and we threw in a few surprises. Moishe is very popular and everyone asks after him if he’s not around,” Ros said.

Volunteering at the UJIA is a confidence booster for Moishe. He travels there independently, and is occupied with meaningful work. He has made many friends and gets invited to office parties and even the UJIA annual dinner where he is given jobs to do.

He found the job himself five years ago after asking the UJIA’s Fundraising Director Jacalyn Sank Da Costa for work. The pair have kept in touch since Jacalyn worked at Kisharon several years ago.

Kisharon’s Employment and Opportunities Manager Shlomo Weltman said: “Volunteering means Moishe is helping another charity. He is part of the team and feels just like a regular person. I feel the long-term friendship between Jacalyn and Moishe means a great deal to them both.”

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