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Paid jobs for Year 12 students

11 July 2022

Eight students from Hasmonean High School and JFS in Kisharon’s Year 12 Programme are just starting their first paid work shifts, and another wave of recruitment is planned at the start of the new academic year in September.

Ben Gersch making challah at Montpelier Rise.

Ben Gersch, of Hasmonean High School for Boys, the first to work at Kisharon, ran a challah making session at Montpelier Rise supported living. “It was great. I really enjoyed it,” he said.

Word was spread about Kisharon’s recruitment in a WhatsApp message last year. Those interested had to complete forms, were interviewed over Zoom and had online training, but will not be left unsupervised while they work.

Two hours a week is the minimum working requirement and Kisharon expects the team will settle into regular working patterns when they are back at school in September. Available shifts are posted on WhatsApp and anyone available to work at that time can respond.

In addition to challah baking, the young workers are signed up to spend quality time with the people Kisharon supports on Shabbos, playing games, singing songs and enjoying seudah shlishit (a third Shabbos meal) with them, and two girls will accompany ladies from Clara House to a summer barbecue.

While the project will not ease the serious shortage of support workers that has impacted social care across the UK it will go some way to enhancing the Jewish atmosphere in supported living at Kisharon.

Rachel Ucko, Kisharon’s Community Inclusion Coordinator, said: “The Year 12 Programme has been really good so far. It’s bringing Jewish energy into Kisharon.”

Head of Jewish Living, Sara Levin added: “We are really excited about the project, which we hope will plant seeds for future careers in the minds of some talented and capable individuals in the community. I am delighted that the Year 12 students have begun, and will continue to bring a real boost to Jewish life for people we support.”







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