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Adult Supported Living

About Us

For adults with learning difficulties the greatest comfort is knowing that there is a caring and compassionate person supporting them at all times. Our team of experienced and skilled staff provides ongoing support to enable confident living and working.

Kisharon’s aim is to instil confidence in every adult to live independently in their own home. We value dignity and independence for everyone.

Kisharon’s promise is to:

  • Promote dignity and respect
  • Provide a tailor-made service for each person
  • Support people to make choices about their own lives
  • Ensure social inclusion
  • Support everyone’s religious and cultural needs
  • Meet personal care needs appropriately
  • Provide support with education
  • Support people to uphold their human rights

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Your views are important. If you have a complaint about Kisharon’s supported living service, or would like to leave us feedback, you can do so here, or download information in easy read to guide you here.

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