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From People we support

“I like my job because the people I work with are nice and I can travel on my own and earn money. I like my independence”


From Parents

Mrs G: “My son, Michael, is a high functioning young man with Downs Syndrome who has always wanted to be able to work. Thanks to Kisharon, he has been able to hold down not one but several different jobs.  He has of course needed support with settling into the jobs and understanding what was required of him. Kisharon caring support help him do this.

Michael was given excellent travel training by Rabbi Weltman with clear instructions, guidance and many hours of patient shadowing. In the past two years Michael has learnt to travel independently and now travels to and from work on both the bus and the underground all on his own! This is a huge breakthrough for Michael and I have nothing but praise for Kisharon Supported Employment”


From Employers

Chief Executive: “Rachel has been providing one day a week administrative support in our office for two years now. She has learnt various skills such as shredding confidential papers, sorting the post and scanning. She is always punctual, cheerful and very enthusiastic when learning new tasks. It is a pleasure having her in our office. Watching Rachel grow in confidence and become enthusiastic to learn new tasks has been an inspiration for my staff and myself. For me it has highlighted the urgent need in the community for employers to provide space, time and real work for members of the community who struggle to find employment opportunities.”