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Kisharon’s experienced team works in partnership with local businesses to identify jobs for individuals, creating opportunities for adults with learning disabilities to contribute meaningfully to society and to earn an income.

At Kisharon we believe that work connects people to society, allowing them to play an active and dignified role in their local community and to enhance their self-worth, independence and confidence. We aim to allow everyone in our community to explore their potential for work.

And it works both ways – our partners frequently tell us that working with our individuals has enhanced their working environments, filling their places of work with enthusiasm and laughter. Witnessing improved self-esteem and confidence through work is immeasurably rewarding for employers who facilitate the experience and gain valuable members of staff.

We have placed over 50 people in part-time jobs – in supermarkets, schools, banks, solicitors and estate agents. We specialise in supporting those furthest away from the open employment market, and our retention rate is high.

Kisharon provides ongoing support both to the employer and employee to ensure that everything is running smoothly, and we offer travel training to new recruits to ensure they can arrive independently to their workplace.