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Daniel’s Story 

When Daniel first came to Kisharon, he was not happy and sometimes had physical outbursts and hit people. This made life difficult for Daniel and those around him.

Through the help of Kisharon’s professional support team and long discussions with Daniel we discovered what he really wanted was to work and feel valued. Kisharon’s dedicated employment scheme helped him to find a job he would enjoy and trained him in the skills needed to perform it well. Many changes happened in Daniel’s life, he learnt to go to work by bus with help from a support worker, he had his first job and went from strength to strength. Through on-going support in his workplace, Daniel knew there was always someone there if he needed help. He eventually learnt to walk home from work by himself and took on two more jobs. Daniel is now much happier with his life and his outbursts have subsided. He is now working towards learning how to cook and clean for himself so that one day he can have even greater independence and move into his own house, with our support.


Sarah’s Story

When Sarah first came to Kisharon Adult Opportunities, she found it very difficult to use her voice to say what she was thinking or wanted. With our person-centred approach, the support team sat with Sarah and her parents to discuss what we could do to help her and what she would like to do.

Sarah started going to art therapy and dance and movement therapy and it helped her to make friends with people in a group. We also worked with Sarah on ways to find a voice through the use of picture cards.

Now Sarah’s confidence has grown and with her new method of expression she enjoys going to the shops with her picture cards and buys ingredients to make her own food with help from a support worker.

Sarah can now cook her own lunch and is able to use her voice to say what goes into the food she makes. Now every week Sarah and her new group of friends cook and enjoy a lunch with their support workers on hand to give help where needed.