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Our mishloach manot – a big hit

22 February 2023

The sheer volume of orders for mishloach manot took everyone by surprise and kept people at Kisharon busy for weeks. 


Above from left: Eli with Support Worker Thompson Duruji, Pini and Daniel. Below, Jess

Kisharon’s enterprise team took charge of the entire process, not only buying the sweets, drink and wafer that went into each bag and packing them, but also liaising with customers and organising deliveries. 

“The enterprise team processed customer details onto a spreadsheet and emailed customers with payment and delivery details. Next the team has interviewed other Kisharon people to find volunteers to make deliveries,” said Aviva Braunold, Training and Development Lead. 


Those handling the process wanted to make sure the mishloach manot would arrive at their destinations on time and so set up interviews to check that delivery volunteers travelling on public transport would do the job properly. 

Delivery locations include Southgate, Edgware, Mill Hill East, Hendon and Golders Green.

One delighted recipient was Caroline Loison, Head of Cheder and Youth at Belsize Square Synagogue, with Bezy and Simcha above, who said: “The mishloach manot look gorgeous – thanks to Kisharon and it was so special for people from Kisharon to deliver them too.”

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