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New office jobs for Yossi and Moishe

25 May 2017

Moishe Goldblatt has a new paid job learning about the world of public relations at The PR Office, in Kentish Town.

His role includes filing and distributing internal mail to employees which has seen him become part of the team quickly.

Moishe, who travels to work on his own, said: “My interview was fine and so far it’s going well. Everyone in the office is very friendly and I’m happy to be there.”

Structure and routine has become part of Yossi Ashrae’s day too with a new job at Travelink in Hendon, where he is proving a useful member of the back office team.

Yossi is the third employee from Kisharon to work at the travel firm

Travelink Consultant Caryn Ovadia said: “It’s very nice to have Yossi here, and he does valuable work that we don’t get time to do ourselves. We can certainly see the impact his job makes to us all.”

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