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Mazeltov to Seri

11 August 2016

Mazeltov to Seri Bard who celebrated her batmitzvah at Kisharon School with her family, friends and teachers.

Seri read her batmitzvah piece in the school hall, which had been decorated in pink, her favourite colour, for the occasion.

Challah dough was brought in, and Seri took a piece and made the bracha – which was her own first mitzvah. Afterwards, she was presented with a pink leather-bound Siddur. There were speeches from School Head Sora Kopfstein and Seri’s father.

After the event, Seri’s mother said: “Seri’s batmitzvah was a beautiful and meaningful event. There was absolutely no detail forgotten.  Right from the first email we sent to Mrs Kopfstein asking about celebrating Seri’s batmitzvah, to the actual event, we were all treated royally. We are so grateful to have experienced nachas in its truest form, and thank everyone who worked so hard to make it all happen!”

The party was organised by Brocha Gutstein.

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