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Major award for Tuffkid

16 May 2019

Tuffkid has become one of the first nurseries in Barnet to achieve a coveted HEYL (Healthy Early Years London) Award.

“We are all absolutely delighted,” said Head Janice Marriott who will be receiving a congratulatory message from awards scheme funder, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

The HEYL awards are designed to reduce health inequalities across London and support a healthy start in life.

Some of the required standards were already part and parcel of life at Tuffkid, but others were implemented, including the health tips which are now added to the nursery’s weekly newsletter for parents.

“More parents now walk to Tuffkid and understand the need for 180 minutes’ physical activity each day. We believe the take up of vaccinations is higher. Parents have told us they are taking their children for vaccinations and we support this by reading books on the subject with their children and explaining that it might hurt but it is extremely good for them.”

Tuffkid has become sugar-free and the children have learned about eating protein and carbohydrates. Lunches and snacks brought in from home have also become healthier.

No resistance has come to the changes from the children. Conversely, they enjoy preparing foods they may not be familiar with and are happy to taste them.

With training to achieve the award carried out across the nursery, the health messages have also benefitted nursery staff.

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