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London Marathon runners raise £15k

31 May 2023

Kisharon’s eight runners in this year’s London Marathon excelled by raising more than £15,000. 

Team Kisharon joined more than 48,000 participants in the first marathon in the month of April since 2019 when Covid restrictions were set in place.


Photo: Raphael Rose and Michael Pearl

The damp, overcast weather didn’t deter Chaim Dovid, who Kisharon supports, from waiting at the finish for runner Theo Silverbeck. Theo’s mum Lisa has befriended Chaim Dovid as a Kisharon volunteer. Theo, who finished in 4 hours 18 said: “I’m so happy to have been part of such an incredible event and to be able to raise money for Kisharon at the same time.”

Theo’s friend Zev Grunwald, (4.18), who also ran, said: “Running the London Marathon was an amazing experience and one I’ll never forget. Doing it for Kisharon made it all the more special and helped get me to that finish line!”

One runner with especially close links to Kisharon Noé School was Raphael Rose, (4.47), whose sister Tail is a pupil. “What got me through the marathon was determination and resilience and that’s what the pupils of Kisharon have.”


Photo: Chaim David with Theo Silverback, Zev Grunwald and family, Shlomi Rokach and Simon Silver and his family

Michael Pearl’s cousin Chanochi is also at Kisharon Noé School, Michael (5.53), said: “I had the best time running this year’s marathon for Kisharon. Having seen first hand how the kids are looked after and cared for at Kisharon, I knew I had a strong reason.”

Wanting to run for a Jewish charity, Ezra Feig, who lives in the US, decided on Kisharon. Ezra, (3.17), said “Running the London Marathon was such a great thrill. To do it while supporting a wonderful organisation made the experience so much better and carried me to the finish line. It was a great way to tour the beautiful city of London.“

A Kisharon fundraiser in the London Marathon for many years is Shlomi Rokach, (3.34). “ It is always an honour to run for Kisharon and help support the amazing work they do.”


Photo: Ezra Feig, nursing a sore foot

First time runner in the London Marathon, Mischa Powell (4.51), said that running for Kisharon had been a privilege. “t was my first marathon, and the amazing work Kisharon does was a big inspiration to take on this challenge. I know that my supporters were inspired and I am proud to be a part of the Kisharon team.’

Simon Silver too said he was delighted to run for Kisharon. Simon (3.34)  said: “The London Marathon is a great event, and it is my pleasure and honour to run for Kisharon and be able to support all the hard work that it does.”

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