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Library supports local residents

17 November 2022

Kisharon’s Childs Hill Library has joined others in the borough working to support local people this winter.

As a cost of living support hub, the library will offer budgeting and financial advice, help with employment and digital skills and information about affordable activities and trips.

Library resources, like free computer use, digital newspapers and magazines, loan of CDs without charge and DVD loan for just £1 a week are set to bring more people to Childs Hill after Barnet publicised its support services more widely as winter draws in.

A warm welcome has been assured for children too, with Barnet promoting libraries’ collections of children’s books, and events.

Neha Dhakar, Childs Hill Library Manager said: “We have a range of relevant resources in Barnet libraries which our volunteers who include those supported by Kisharon are happy to highlight and signpost residents to during these difficult times.”

In addition, the library has become a collection point for WrapUp London this year. More than 197,000 coats have been donated to those in need since the charity was launched in 2011. If you can help, bring unwanted women’s, men’s and children’s coats to the library until 27 November.

The library, which is available for hire, is running yoga sessions. For more information ask at the library or email: The library is at 320 Cricklewood Lane, London NW2 2QE

For more information about how libraries are helping his winter, click here:  How Barnet libraries can help as the cost of living rises | Barnet Council



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