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Library career for Jenna

26 October 2017

Volunteering at Childs Hill Partnership Library in Cricklewood has convinced US student Jenna Wine, 20, to become a librarian.

Jenna, an English undergraduate from Virginia, was offered a placement at the library by CAPA, which runs study programmes overseas for US students.

Familiar only with the large-scale libraries she has seen in the US, Jenna has been fascinated by the comparatively tiny Childs Hill Library and the significant effort from staff and volunteers from Kisharon and the local community that it takes to keep it running.

“So many people go out of their way and give of their time to ensure the library is thriving ,” she said.

Since her arrival, Jenna has created a library Twitter page and worked with local pupils to establish an after-school club. She has been trained how to run the library and is enjoying her time there enormously.

“I hope it goes from strength to strength,” said Jenna who studies at James Madison University.

Initially, she was unsure which career path to follow. Now Jenna is determined to become a librarian with her only uncertainty whether to opt for one open to the public or in an academic environment.

Jenna leaves the UK for home at the end of November.

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