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Kisharon supports armed forces

12 April 2021

Kisharon’s boxes of Pesach essentials for the British Army went to Jewish personnel in the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force who are serving in the UK and overseas.

The UK’s Armed Forces Jewish Community (AFJC) made the purchases for its regular, reserve and cadet forces.

Inside were Pesach essentials like matzah, sweets, a small bottle of kiddish wine and a Kisharon DIY charoset set with all the ingredients needed to make it. Children’s Pesach activity packs with colouring sheets, fun straws and plagues finger puppets went out to families.

Many serving personnel also joined The Big Sweep, Kisharon’s popular online pre-Pesach search for chametz (bedikat chametz).

Lt. Col. Danny Sharpe, Chairman of the AFJC, said: “We were delighted to partner with Kisharon on such a meaningful project for our community and to ensure that Jewish service personnel were able to celebrate Pesach this year – a time when ordinarily families come together to celebrate. Restrictions meant that wasn’t possible again this year. We’re proud of the service and contribution of all those who serve and grateful to all those who support British Jews in uniform.”

Serving the British Army was one highlight of this year’s social enterprise Pesach project. Students from Kisharon’s Further Education College and Kisharon Design and Print Manager Jonathan Rose worked together on a range of Pesach products and personalised wine and grape juice which were sold to individuals and shuls across the UK.

Chaim Dovid Rotenberg, who Kisharon supports, made countless trips to the post office with parcels. Organiser, Marketing Consultant Sara Gatoff, said: “Our aim was to provide work for those we support, cover our costs and raise awareness of Kisharon’s work in the community. With an order from a shul in Leeds we reached communities outside London for the first time, and up to 1,000 families.”

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