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Kisharon School puts wellbeing first

13 February 2020

Kisharon School pulled out all the stops for Children’s Mental Health Week as children with learning disabilities can struggle with their mental health.

Research has shown that where attention is focused on a child’s learning needs, there can be too little concern for their mental health.

The school ran feel-good sessions like yoga, listening to stories, music, massage, complete with essential oils, and art – all activities that promote positive thought and wellbeing.

“We asked the children how each of these made them feel. Every child responded differently. Our hope is that in the future, they will link back to the ones they enjoyed most,” explained Class Teacher Adina Collins.

Tackling mental health more broadly, the school runs a Wellbeing Week every term – which hopefully will become half termly – when children learn coping mechanisms for the future. Dealing with worries, celebrating success and how to feel happy for yourself are topics covered so far.

Staff receive mental health training so plans can be put in place before a crisis erupts. The school’s Wellbeing Weeks were launched after the training and staff always take time to talk with the children, Adina said.

“We deal with any problems that arise, case by case, and if a child has a bad day we have the training and flexibility to allow them the space they need.”

Pic cap: A calming, sensory art session when children created circles using feathers and other soft craft materials

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