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Kisharon School golfers say thanks

18 July 2019

Micah was presented with a Golfer of the Year cup by Jeremy Curtis and Matthew Blake of Dyrham Park Country Club where Kisharon School pupils have played golf all year.

It was thanks all round at the school, where Jeremy and Matthew listened as Micah made a speech expressing the pupils’ gratitude. The children created a presentation of golfing photos taken throughout the year and made a hand-crafted version of the Dyrham Park logo.

In return, the young golfers were awarded a personalised Kisharon Golf Academy cap.

At the start of the programme, golf was one of the pupils’ extra-curricular lunch time clubs, but as they progressed, it became a key part of the PE curriculum. As well as being a leisure activity pupils can continue after leaving school, golf teaches patience and turn taking. Pupils have learned how to interact appropriately in the unfamiliar surroundings of a country club with people they do not know.

Kisharon Teacher Adina Collins said: “We don’t pay for Matthew and Jeremy’s time, or the club’s facilities. Dyrham Park members donated money to ensure that lessons could continue. We are hugely appreciative.”


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