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Kisharon pilots books

26 October 2017

Kisharon is to take part in a government-sponsored scheme to pilot the use of four books about the world of work for people with learning disabilities.

Books Beyond Words is a specific method of reading without using written words and is used with groups in libraries across the country.

The 52 books currently available range from lighthearted matters such as ‘days out’, ‘learning a new sport’ to more serious topics like ‘going to the doctor’, ‘I have a health condition’, or ‘when x dies’.

The books promote social interaction, listening skills, discussions on important and relevant topics and the opportunity to understand the subject from an individual’s perspective.

There are currently no books relating to work, work experience or volunteering and the Department of Work and Pensions has sponsored Books Beyond Words to create new books to add to the series.

Participants are needed for testing and Kisharon is one of the organisations selected to pilot the use of four new books that relate to the working world and work preparedness, with subjects including: getting ready for work, work experience and volunteering. These books are useful for those preparing for work or volunteering, or who are currently in a job and would benefit from a broadening of their understanding of the work environment.

Aviva Braunold, Manager of Kisharon Vocational College, has attended a series of workshops about the scheme and will be delivering a programme at Kisharon’s new vocational skills course at Childs Hill Library and at Kisharon’s Hendon and Hackney day opportunities centres. The pilot scheme will be completed by the end of the academic year.
The students and people supported by Kisharon will read and evaluate the books for the Books Beyond Words pilot and learn skills required for the workplace.
Aviva said: “It is a really exciting project from many angles and allows students and people we support to have a direct impact on materials that will be used nationally by many organisations, as well as providing a good discussion point for their work experiences and vocational training.”

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